Refugee Family Christmas

In 2016, Mountain Shadows became involved with a refugee program in Tucson, and with the church’s permission MSPC was able to work with a family from Tanzania.  Mom Sifa arrived with 7 children, received housing in Tucson and our participation began with a welcome basket, training of our members who would work directly with the family, and frequent visits to encourage, assist, support as needed.

Sifa’s husband, Omari, remained in Tanzania but has now begun the process to join his family.  He has a new daughter, Elizabeth, whom he has not met.

The children are enrolled in Amphi schools, participate in sports, speak very good English, and occasionally come to MSPC to worship with us.  Each of the 3 Advent seasons the children have been able to visit area holiday displays, and visit with Santa.  Their most recent visit included wishes that Dad could soon join them!

Sifa Family

When working with refuge families, a parent organization is usually only asked for a 6 month commitment.  MSPC has kept in touch with Sife’s family for over 2 years, and has enjoyed every part of the transition these people have made.  We expect to remain in touch for a long time.