Mountain Shadows Introduces On-Line Giving

Now you can give to the church directly from this Website! No more check writing or bringing cash for the offering plate!

See the BIG RED “Give >>> button on the Home Page. Just click on it!

You will be taken to a donation page. Enter your offering amount for your selected fund directing where the offering should be used; then enter your bank or credit card information and you’re done.
It’s convenient and improves efficiency for yourself and the church-truly a Win-Win!
In addition, you can create an account with a password to save your giving information. Offerings for all amounts are accepted beginning at $5.00. Your offerings can be set up as a one-time, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
Try it- it’s easy, you’ll be surprised.
The Finance, Stewardship Teams recommend that you consider establishing an automatic donation account.

No Means No!

No Means No!

No in-person gatherings and no off-campus meetings of any kind in the church's name are allowed to take place during the continuing church closure period. This is a mandate, faithfully and firmly determined by the Session of Mountain Shadows Presbyterian Church, for the protection and safety of God's people. No exceptions are allowed. None. No in-person Home Communion visits, no in-person spiritual care visits, no in-person Ministry Team meetings, no Mission-related outings, no face-to-face encounters of any kind are allowed to take place in the church's name through at least the month of August, 2020. The COVID-19 disease is on the rise. It is deadly. Our congregation is at high risk for the disease. Please, for the love of God and your neighbor, take this seriously. No means no.

Faithful Allies Address Racism Juneteenth (June 19)

Faithful Allies Addressing Racism: Juneteenth (June 19) 2020 on Zoom

Facilitator: Pastor Rachel Srubas Report by Therese M. Griffin

On June 19th Mounatin Shadows presbyterian Chruch congregants had a prayerful morning, listening to our Lord, and each other.

They read articles and a poem by MSPC Church member, Barbara Gray. They reflected and shared as they discerned: how is God calling us to respond to systemic racism and dismantle white privilege?

How could I have white privilege? I once worked in a factory. Oh, I had the opportunity of saying, "Twenty-one, white, and free." As a young adult, I was naive because I thought anyone could say that, simply adding their own skin tone to the statement. Not true. I had no idea that the term “white privilege” refers to the unearned advantages that are enjoyed by some of us at the expense of others.

Our Reflective Questions included these:

Are you being called to organize the next steps to dismantle white supremacy?
Are you being called to join an organized antiracist effort?
What had your faith got to do with the next steps you'll take?
What has your church got to do with it?

Top Row: Rachel Srubas, Therese Griffin, Charmaine Piane Dame, Barbara Gray, Madeline Bosma
2nd Row: Jayne Raffety, Elizabeth Houle, Dennis Nelson, Denise Edwards, Mary Ann Bulter
3rd Row: Laura Carey, Kathy Moyer, Ginny & Harvey Durand, Dorothy Grimm, Karen Thomas
4th Row: Suzie Phelps, Joy Lewis & Chuck Sherman, Shirin McArthur, Jospeh Panessidi, Nan Nasser



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The YAV's Have Arrived!

The YAVs Have Arrived! Volunteers in Tucson

Six young women have arrived in Tucson to begin a year as Young Adult Volunteers (YAV’s), in an ecumenical faith based period of service provided by Presbyterian Church (PCUSA).  Under the auspices of Presbytery de Cristo the women will work with 6 different area agencies, addressing the root causes of poverty.  These volunteers are between the ages of 19-30 and go through a process of applications and interviews to be selected for this program.

Emma will work with The Inn, a short-term hospitality ministry that hosts asylum seekers en route to their sponsors in other parts of the USA.  Haley will take part in the Community Home Repair Projects of AZ.  Katie is serving at Keep Tucson Together, a free immigration legal clinic.  Laura is working with the same project as Haley.

Two women who were not able to attend a recent visit to Mountain Shadows Presbyterian Church are serving a border ministry in Agua Prieta, Mexico as support to Primavera Foundation which provides pathways out of poverty.

Mountain Shadows Presbyterian Church in North Tucson Catalina will be supporting these volunteers throughout their year.  A large collection of essential items for home living was gifted to the 4 women who attended a recent service at MSPC and the church will work with  these volunteers throughout the year.

MSPC is Centered in Christ, Caring for Community.

YAVs Emma HaleyKatie Laura

2020 YAV's   Emma, Haley, Katie, Laura at MSPC sharing their experiences with congregants